Fusion Net’s context-aware indoor positioning service is tailored for your business and help you redefine your business value.


Fusion Net`s IPS with geo-fencing and in-store mobile technology can delivers real value and business logics via data.

Real Time

Provides data administrators with visual insights into the data, and instant alerts into specific events to protect personnel and assets.


With Fusion Net AIoT platform, enterprises can analyze user behavior and provide LBS information to bring more business value.

Service Structure

  • Cloud Platform

    System Activation
    Status Analysis
    Early watch Alarm
    User Feedback
    Firmware/Software Update
    Algorithm Optimization
    GPS Integration

  • Fusion Net System

    Real Time Location System
    Restful API Interoperability
    User Friendly Console
    Firmware/Software Management
    Devices Management
    Real Time Location Alarm
    Surveillance Integration Ability

  • Base Station

    High Adaptability
    Emergency Room
    Operation Room
    Retail store

  • Rich Applications

    • Watch
    • Wristband
    • Button
    • Mobile APP